Looking for a server to host XBAPs

Chad Campbell raised a good point about The WPF Challenge.  It’s not easy to find a web host which supports XBAPs yet.  It would be great if there was a common server on which XBAP submissions could be kept.

If you know of a Web host whose servers support XBAPs, please post a comment to this blog entry and provide us all with a link to it.  Ideally it would be free, but inexpensive ones are OK too. 

Thanks for any help!


2 Responses to Looking for a server to host XBAPs

  1. Bruce Abernethy says:

    FYI, I worked through the MIME types and server settings with the techs at WebHost4Life and am now successfully serving some test XBAPs there. I imagine anyone willing to do just a little work on the server side could get it working for you – it look less than a day to get them to get the servers updated.

  2. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks, Bruce. I’ll mention that in The WPF Challenge announcement.


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