New submission to WPF Challenge

A fellow by the name of Chris Cavanagh submitted an XBAP application which demonstrates a simple physics engine, written in C#.  You can read more about it here:  Try it out on this page:

Note, to move the “vehicle” around, use the Left and Right arrow keys.  The Up and Down arrow keys have an effect, too.  Reset the whole thing by pressing F5. 

Keep in mind, since the WPF Challenge has been changed, you do not have to submit your app as an XBAP.  It is perfectly OK to do so, but feel free to submit the source code for a WPF desktop application, too.

 Nice work, Chris!


6 Responses to New submission to WPF Challenge

  1. Hey thanks Josh! Since it’s extended to WPF apps too, can I submit more than one entry? Take a look at this:


  2. Josh Smith says:


    Sure, you can submit as many apps as you like. You can only win once, though… 🙂

    If you submit a desktop app, you must submit the source code. You can’t submit an EXE.


  3. Great :o) The EXE sources are here: (main app) (wrapper for NewtonDynamics engine) (demo EXE and NewtonDynamics dlls)

  4. Josh Smith says:


    Thanks for your new submission to the challenge. However, you need to post all submissions on the WPF Challenge announcement page:


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