You can’t all be winners

Ladies and gentlemen, The WPF Challenge is officially bound to generate at least one loser now.  We now have four contestants, of which only three will win.  Oh wait…perhaps I should be P.C. and call them “non-winners” or “secondary champions”.  Perhaps not. ;P

Today John Stewien submitted an excellent XBAP into the competition, check it out here.

(Note: For some reason I cannot load the app on my home machine, so if you can’t load it, you’re not alone.)

As always, all submissions into The WPF Challenge are posted here, for your viewing pleasure.

Remember, the last day you can submit your WPF application into the contest is March 12th (the day ends when it’s midnight in the GMT time zone).  If you win, your name will be remembered for generations to come.  Our descendants will sing your name in taverns, around campfires, while marching into battle, etc.  They will build marble monuments in your honor.  Plus, you will get some awesome WPF software for free…


One Response to You can’t all be winners

  1. Aaron says:

    My xp system does not play xbap. But by creating a new user account and logging in under that it works. So you might want to give that a try at home.

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