The third article in the Guided Tour of WPF

I’m three for three.  Three days, three new WPF articles in my “Guided Tour of WPF” on CodeProject. Yay! 😀

Here’s my latest one:  This one covers data binding.

Trying to figure out how to explain the basics of WPF in a series of short articles is a very interesting challenge.  It’s challenging because WPF was designed so well!  Since all of the fundamental features in WPF can use each other, it’s tricky to find a way to explain one concept without having to explain other “unrelated” topics first.  It’s like trying to untie a knitted sweater in order to explain to someone that it really is just one long piece of yarn.

Writing these articles has certainly given me more respect for the technical authors, like Petzold and Nathans, who somehow manage to present a huge topic like WPF in a linear, cohesive way.  That’s a skill unto itself.


8 Responses to The third article in the Guided Tour of WPF

  1. Martin Samelak 'longman' says:

    I’m looking some articles, sources about this – put 2d objects on 3D objects by user.
    e.g. We have 3D cube and user want to put different informations to the small cube on each side. Of course user can rotate cube.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Josh Smith says:


    I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to do, and have certainly never done it. Perhaps these resources will help:


  3. Martin Samelak 'longman' says:

    Well, it isn’t exactly what I’m lookin for. I kow hot to animate 3D objects and create 3D content, but I don’t know how to add some objects by user when 3D content is ready.


  4. Josh Smith says:


    I don’t know the answer to your question. Ask it on the WPF Forum. Someone might know the answer there.


  5. Hi Josh,

    I need some help:). I want to draw formated text in WPF. I really need a start point. I found that is kind of difficult to have formatted (markup) text in a control (textblock, flowdocumentreader, richtextbox, etc).

    Gavrilovici Cornel

  6. Josh Smith says:


    Is this what you’re looking for?

    In general you should post questions like that to the WPF Forum so that the answers will be seen by many more people, and the questions can be answered by devs at MSFT who might have even worked on that part of the framework.


  7. Hi again,
    I visited that link some time ago but is not what I’m looking for. Anyway, I think that I found a tutorial ( ) with what I need, and also a sample. I wanted to know hoe can I use some Document Classes (paragraph, inline, run, etc) to write formatted text in a control (in my case: textblock)
    Sorry for posting my problem on your blog

    Gavrilovici Cornel

  8. Josh Smith says:


    No problem. I don’t care if people post questions on my blog, as long as the question pertains to the topic of the post where the comment was left. 🙂


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