The fourth article in the Guided Tour of WPF

I just posted the next installment in my article series, “A Guided Tour of WPF”, on CodeProject.  The new article is about data templates and triggers.  Heres’ the link:

It took me considerably longer to write this article than the others.  This one took a lot more time to word properly, mostly because data templates and triggers are unfamiliar concepts to most .NET developers.  Since I have been working with WPF for around a year or so now, I take for granted some of the knowledge which I’ve accrued over that time. 

Trying to convey the absolute basics of a feature which is unique to WPF required me to take a step or two back and put myself in my shoes of a year ago.  I kept asking myself, “How would a WinForms developer relate to this?”  That’s not an easy question to answer when it comes to things like data templates and triggers, since there is nothing in WinForms similar to them.

Hopefully I was able to convey the concepts clearly enough.  You be the judge! 😀


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