Data Grids in WPF (coming soon to a browser near you)

I have been whining and moaning about the lack of a DataGridView replacement in WPF for a while.  During that time, Infragistics and Xceed have been busy filling that gap, so I can’t clamor on about it any more.  Soon I will be publishing some posts about the grids, what features they have, how they can be customized, etc.  I think that is an important body of knowledge to bring to the table.

On a tangent, word on The Grapevine is that if you have a subscription to Infragistics’s NetAdvantage suite on April 22nd, you will automatically get their WPF control suite for free.  If that’s true, then it’s a pretty sweet deal for those of us with NetAdvantage subscriptions!  I suppose they have that deal set up to encourage folks to renew their subscriptions, and it will probably work considering the payback! 

Soon you can expect to start seeing some info here on my blog about the all-important WPF data grids.  Until then, try to ignore the drum roll.

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