Use the WPF Forum, not e-mail

Over time I have received an increasing number of WPF questions from random people.  Many of them are sent directly to my personal e-mail account (I’m not sure how people find that address), and others are posted as comments on unrelated blog entries.  I appreciate that folks look to me for answers, that’s quite a tip of the hat.  However, it is much better to use Microsoft’s WPF Forum to post a question and get answers to it.  Here are a few reasons why: 

  1. If the entire question/answer thread is carried on via e-mail, nobody else will be able to read it later.  The answer becomes a “one time” solution which must be recreated the next time someone has the same question.  If the thread is on the forum, then it is very easy to find it via a quick Google or forum search.
  2. I might not know the answer.  Someone on the forum will.  Keep in mind that folks from the WPF group at Microsoft answer questions on that forum, as well as a bunch of other very knowledgeable individuals.
  3. I might not have the time or interest to answer your question.  Believe it or not, I have a job, a girlfriend, social engagements, family to visit, pet projects to work on, a piano to practice, articles to write, blog posts to create, etc. 🙂  I don’t always have enough time or interest to dig into someone else’s problem.  However, someone on the forum will.  It’s amazing how quickly most questions receive an answer on the forum.  It’s like a feeding frenzy over there (yeah, I’m looking at you Drew! 🙂 ).

If you are developing in WPF, be sure to add the WPF Forum to your Favorites list.  Also be sure to read Rob Relyea’s brief WPF Forum Best Practices post before using the forum.

Please keep in mind that the intention of the post is not to shoo people away.  Quite the contrary.  I encourage people to join me on the forum.  If you have a question which pertains to a particular blog post of mine, feel free to drop a question about it in a comment right then and there!  Just don’t ask unrelated questions in a post’s comment, or in an e-mail, because of the reasons listed above.

To end this post on a lighter note, here is an amusing (and 100% true) story.  A while ago some guy e-mailed me a very poorly worded question, asking how to do something; I’m still not quite sure what. I didn’t have the time or inclination to help out, so I didn’t reply. Shortly thereafter he followed up with (and I quote):

“I am very disappointed for you. I told you this is extremeley urgent for me and you ignore my query. I told you my deadline is soon and you do not give me any help at all. You must give me solution TODAY, that I have no time to wait for you and my patence is finished.”

I kid you not! 🙂


18 Responses to Use the WPF Forum, not e-mail

  1. Chris says:

    Wow, that guy needs a cookie.

  2. Josh Smith says:


    Perhaps a quaalude cookie. 🙂


  3. Josh Smith says:


    If you think that’s scary, you should have read his original question!! 😀


  4. Mike Brown says:

    Hmmm…wow…I’ve got nothing.

  5. Josh Smith says:


    He didn’t get anything either, not from me at least! 😉


  6. aABeckerkoo says:


    Just stopping in to say hi to y’all as a new member.


  7. Au Pair says:

    very nice web site. My English is not so good, so I do not understandt it well, but it seems very good. Thanks

  8. Arijit says:

    Can understand your feelings.I have gone through your articles at codeproject and has a question(stuck in a silly problem), but the WPF site is not opening.
    You can check out my Ques (if interested) at codeproject, I have correspondence with your dear friend Karl .
    Anyway keep on writing , your articles are really helpfull.
    Good Luck

  9. Smith says:


    please help me as I am very beginner to wpf. How can i do a copy, cut, paste, undo operations (using Context menu) in a WPF tree view?
    I don’t know how to do this using Application Command.
    Kindly help me how can it be done using c# code and NOT in XAML.

    1 more doubt….
    Suppose if i copy a tree view item (a node) and trying to paste it under another Tree view item (node) in the same Tree View, then how can this be possible since it will not allow same element “again” to be under the same tree view ????

    Kindly help me………..

    NB: I am using FW 3.5

    Thanks in advance………………..

  10. Rohan says:


    I am doing unit testing on the following method which accepts parameter as follows –

    public void btnPrint_Click(DragEventArgs e)

    //source code


    Now i want to invoke this method. so i write

    DragEventArgs e=new DragEventArgs();

    Here compiler is not allowing me to create object of DragEventArgs class.
    Still i want to pass the valid argument.
    so how should i proceed?

  11. Gabriel Stetkiewicz says:

    Hi Josh,

    If you send me a fully functional project that provides a interactive 3D guide through a real space craft. You’ll also need to design the space craft. Tha’d be great.
    Strict deadline THIS Monday.
    Oh and Peter, you’ll probably need to come in on Saturday…*yawn, stretch* ahh and Sunday. mmkay, thanks.


  12. Josh Smith says:

    Gabriel, you wouldn’t believe how many people feel entitled like that. It’s difficult to comprehend why some people assume I’ll do their work for them…



  13. Gabriel Stetkiewicz says:

    It’s a shame.
    I for one really appreciate your pro bono help, and contributions to the WPF community.

  14. Vineeth says:

    iam trying to take the union of two polygons using combine geometry

    is it possible please give a reply

  15. Serolikt says:

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