WPFpedia by Actipro Software

I recently discovered WPFpedia.com.  It is a site produced by Actipro Software which contains links to a wealth of WPF material, grouped into several categories and sub-categories.  The main categories are:

I have been exploring their content and am quite impressed at how many useful things they have added to their site.  They even said some kind words about me and my blog (thanks!).  It’s great to see that WPF is starting to have an active and helpful community these days. 

Once Visual Studio 2008, with all its rich support for WPF application development, hits the market I suspect that WPF will really start to take off.  If sites like WPFpedia keep amassing quality content and building a community around WPF, we will probably start to see more and more job opportunities for WPF developers.  Now wouldn’t that be grand? 😀

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