Extending the WPF Command system

There is a very interesting thread on the WPF Forum which discusses how to augment the Command system in WPF.  A fellow by the name of Patrick Klug explains how his team made use of the CommandParameter property of CanExecuteEventArgs to pass extra information about the status of a Command.  His post was followed up by Bill Henning, of Actipro Software, who explained how his company’s WPF control library extends the basic Command system to pass more information about a command than is possible by default.  I highly recommend checking it out.

Here’s the link: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=1809894&SiteID=1

Thanks for sharing your interesting ideas, guys!

2 Responses to Extending the WPF Command system

  1. Patrick Klug says:

    Thanks for blogging about it Josh. The Wpf Forum wasn’t the best place to put it — I was lucky that someone saw it 🙂


  2. Josh Smith says:


    I’m glad I saw it too! That’s a very interesting idea you wrote about. 🙂


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