Article about creating skinned UIs

I just published a new WPF article to CodeProject.  It explains the basics how to design and implement a “skinned” user interface, which means that you can very easily apply different visual styles to a UI at compile-time or runtime.  If you’re interested in this topic, here’s a link to the article:

3 Responses to Article about creating skinned UIs

  1. Karl Shifflett says:


    You have awesome timing. Thank you for sharing with us,


  2. Josh,
    I was wondering if you could do a post or two on sizing scenarios. I do not have great UI vision so I have difficulties figuring out how to organize and choose elements to, say, have an Image Fill a Grid Column that spans three Rows when the image’s natural size is smaller than that (should I avoid Min/Max sizes as much as I do). I am just using that as an example, of course. I have both Nathan’s and Petzold’s books and feel very comfortable with raw Xaml and the code sides of things, but I’m constantly hacking around to get things to size as I wish them too with terrible results.

    Maybe I need to find a personal designer to watch over my shoulder 🙂

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