The NYC .NET Developer Group presentation

I gave my WPF presentation for the NYC .NET Developer Group tonight. It went very well and the audience raised dozens of interesting questions. I was amazed to hear from Andrew Brust, one of the Developer Group’s moderators, that my presentation received a record-breaking attendance turnout; just over one hundred people! Some kind people even approached me afterwards to say that my WPF presentation was the best they’d seen, even better than some given by Microsoft folks. Thanks a lot!

For those of you who attended, I will be making the presentation material available in late September. I want to polish it up a bit and make some changes before my September presentation at VSLive! New York. If you live in the area but did not make it to the Developer Group presentation, I’ll be giving the same harangue at VSLive so stop on by.

Thanks to everyone who attended, especially those who helped make my presentation more engaging by asking questions. I had a blast and look forward to doing it again!

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  1. Luke Melia says:

    Hey, Josh. Great to hear your presentation was a success. I would have liked to have been there but am in DC for Agile 2007 this week. Do you have slides available?

    BTW, my team at Oxygen just released a public beta of a WPF app. i think you’d enjoy checking it out. The website is


  2. Karl Shifflett says:


    Great job on your presentation. It’s nice to see the growing interest in WPF.

    I just did my Columbia, SC presentation and received a very encouraging email from the President of the group, Chris. I received the highest revew marks of any speaker they ever have had.

    I’m positive it was the WOW of seeing WPF & Expression Blend, and not my budding skills.

    Best to you on your NYC presentation.

    Hey, I’m reading Pro WPF the Apress book. I’m blown away. I have almost every WPF book, but this one is climbing to the top of the list. Many things author mention but don’t tell you how, this book does. For example, “How to embed a manifest in your executeable using mt.exe” instead of having an extra file in the directory with the deployed application. Super well written. This is a must read along with a few other titles.

    Best to you,


  3. Josh Smith says:


    Slides are not available. Actually I don’t use Powerpoint slides. I built a WPF app which I use during my presentation. The app uses WPF’s support for documents to create the slides.


    Thanks man! Congrats on your WPF presentation as well. I agree that the “WOW!” factor of WPF makes it easier to have a crowd pleasing presentation. Thanks for the tip about Pro WPF. I’ll be sure to check it out.


  4. jturpin says:

    Sorry I missed it Josh. Would love to go to the VSLive, as its in my “hood” so to speak, but my company is not big on splurging for conferences… How about the “WPF Black Book” by Josh Smith.

  5. Josh Smith says:


    I’ve had many people tell me that I should write a WPF book, and I’d love to do it. The only problem is figuring out how to get a book deal…


  6. jturpin says:

    Hey Josh, I just posted a question on the MSDN forums which you might find interesting and challanging – and is related to you post on Customizing the Selected Item in a list box (actually taking it one step further):

    Its been causing me problems – Though I feel I am missing something simple…

  7. Peter M says:


    That was an awesome presentation. Perfect balance of technical depth, relevance and presentation skills (read: sense of humor about a potentially dry subject).

    You were kind enough to answer our questions which I appreciated. I am able to read articles, try my hand at coding in WPF, and build apps. What’s harder about a new technology is selecting the development tools that work (you talked about this) and making the case to the business side of the company that certain VB6 apps might benefit from being rewritten in C# .NET because the code is easier to maintain and the GUI will look substantially better.

    Too bad you were not able to talk about your work at the NYT. As a loyal reader of the NYT, I am interested in seeing what’s happening on the digital front, besides the web site.

  8. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks Peter. I appreciate the feedback.


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