Great time at Charlotte Code Camp

I spent the weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina and had a great time giving my WPF presentation at the Charlotte Developers GUILD Code Camp.  I met a lot of really nice people down there, and found that there was a lot of interest around WPF amongst the attendees.  It was a blast!

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with the most passionate WPF developer and speaker in the known Universe, Karl Shifflett.  Karl gave his impassioned WPF presentation after mine, and did an awesome job.  I think I convinced Karl to start sharing his passion for WPF and VB.NET by blogging tips and tricks, which should help fill that gigantic WPF/VB.NET abyss in cyberspace.

Also I got to meet Rob Zelt, the man who once made my day when he sent me a PDF copy of my old blog, which had been deleted by my previous employer.  Thanks Rob!


2 Responses to Great time at Charlotte Code Camp

  1. John Safrit says:

    I caught your presentation at the CodeCamp and it was great! The way you explained the WPF concept really made it come alive for me. I’m really juiced about exploring the WPF possibilities. You are one heck of a speaker!

  2. Josh Smith says:


    Thanks a lot! I’m really glad that my presentation “hit home” for you and got you excited about WPF. That’s awesome!! 🙂


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