The Infragistics Tangerine Exemplar

I took today off of work to celebrate my birthday and relax a bit.  Ya know, enjoy some coffee, Mahler symphonies, WPF, Glenn Gould playing Bach, F#, etc.  The good life!

I finally found some time to dive into something which has been on my todo list for a while.  Infragistics has a User Experience Group which is responsible for creating something they call “exemplars”, which are basically reference applications that show how to use their controls in a real-world application.  To learn more about what an exemplar is, read about it here.

They recently released an exemplar called Tangerine.  This application is an asset browser, which allows you to view data from Amazon Web Services, or any other data provider you want to plug in.  It uses their WPF controls in the presentation layer, and uses Microsoft’s Enterprise Library for things like logging and exception handling.

It’s all about showing how to use best practices to create a realistic WPF application. The application lets you search through various types of products on Amazon, and view information about them.  The performance is good, and usability is intuitive.  Not only that but it looks really, really cool because they had a visual designer Blend some magic pixie dust into it.

The code seems top-notch so far, from what I’ve seen.  Tangerine definitely has a lot to teach anyone interested in working their way through it.  In addition to the great code, the solution comes with truly superb documentation.  I’ve read through three of the documents so far (“Introducing Tangerine”, “Story”, and “Architecture”) and was amazed at the quality of the writing.  I can’t believe Infragistics is just giving this stuff away for free.

You need to install their NetAdvantage for WPF product to run Tangerine.  You can download the free trial of their WPF product if you just want to give it a whirl for free.  I highly recommend checking this out.  I’ve spent only a few hours reviewing it so far, and have already learned a lot of interesting things to consider when designing and developing WPF applications.  And, it’s free!!  That’s quite a birthday present! 🙂

4 Responses to The Infragistics Tangerine Exemplar

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  2. suketu says:

    hi josh, i tried the clickonce application of this tangerine, but solution project they have given , that i am not able to build and gives error of “Cardpanel” control in Infragistics, have you tried this solution ? if yes then pls tell me how to run the solution project?
    thanks in advance…..

  3. Josh Smith says:


    I had the same problem, where I got an error stating that CardPanel does not exist. To fix the problem, I uninstalled the NetAdvantage for WPF and reinstalled it. I think I had a beta version on my machine, which must not have had CardPanel in it.


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