Significant improvements to Woodstock

I woke up extra early this morning to implement a bunch of the really awesome feature requests people have sent me for Woodstock.   The article and file downloads have been updated, so feel free to drop by and get the latest bits:

Here is a summary of what’s new:

A case insensitive property filtering TextBox, allowing you to quickly find a property in the grid.

A CheckBox which allows you to hide the attached properties in the grid.

The “Property Name” column now contains links which copy a Google search to your clipboard.  That URL can be put into a Web browser’s address box to easily search for the property you clicked on.  I wanted to just open a Web browser to that URL, but VS crashed when I did that.  

Also I made some optimizations to the serialization code, hoping to avoid the dreaded “Function evalution timed out” error message.

Now here’s a bug which I don’t know how to work around!  Check out this freakishness, which occurred when I left Woodstock running for about 15 minutes:

Woodstock Weirdness


I suppose we should all be writing our GDI+ code like this;

try { this.FontsAreEqual = someFont.Equals(fooFont); }

catch(RemotingException e) { Debug.WriteLine(“WTF?!?!?!?!”); }


3 Responses to Significant improvements to Woodstock

  1. Hi Josh,

    congratulations, great work! Following your example, I’ve written another WPF debugger visualizer, that will display a preview of the actual Visual in the debugger.

    It’s up on Code Project as well:

    Maybe we can combine our efforts and put this in a library on CodePlex?


  2. Josh Smith says:

    Hi Florian,

    Nice job! We should merge our visualizers into one. I’m still tweaking Woodstock, in fact I just dropped another new build on CP a few minutes ago.

    Why do you want to put it on CodePlex? How about we put all of our names as authors on the Woodstock article and leave it on CP. Yes?


  3. Hi Josh,

    sure, that would be an option, too – didn’t know that is actually possible. If you could merge my article into yours, that would be great.


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