Woodstock now has visual snapshots

All I can say is, “Wow!”  This is amazing.  A fellow by the name of Florian Kruesch was inspired to create his own WPF visualizer, called Glimps, which displays an image of WPF object you are inspecting in the debugger.  He wrote an article about it here.

Florian and I decided to add Glimps into Woodstock.  I added his image processing code into Woodstock and exposed the functionality by placing a PictureBox control in the UI.  Now Woodstock allows you to look at a “screenshot” of the element you were inspecting when Woodstock opened.  I’d love to give a screenshot of every element in the visual tree, but that would definitely kill performance enough to make the “Function evaluation timed out” error message appear every time.

I also fixed a bug which I discovered while integrating Florian’s code.  So, I recommend you stop by and download the latest and greatest Woodstock bits! 🙂


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