Forget about Woodstock, get Mole!

Woodstock was a prototype; a “proof of concept” which really caught on and matured.  After I published the Woodstock article a good friend and cohort in WPF crime, Karl Shifflett, began working on a better WPF visualizer.  After a couple weeks of us discussing, prototyping, emailing code snippets, sharing/critiquing ideas, and him working around the clock, he finally published an article about it.  His WPF visualizer, called Mole, is now publicly available, just waiting for WPF developers to download it and put it to use.

I highly recommend that you check out Mole.  It is the WPF visualizer.  Forget about Woodstock, use Mole!

2 Responses to Forget about Woodstock, get Mole!

  1. Gerald says:

    Thanks for the pointer, but please don’t dump Woodstock.
    It’s very generous from Karl to provide the community with Mole, but it just doesn’t feel right to replace the beautiful Woodstock with something written in visual basic – yuck! 🙂

  2. Josh Smith says:


    I won’t be dumping Woodstock. I just don’t intend on adding any new features to it. Mole is the “real” visualizer, Woodstock is the outcome of me figuring out how on Earth to create a usable WPF visualizer (the huge amount of data makes it hard to create a quick and user-friendly experience).

    Mole was designed with the benefit of hindsight, and adds in all the things that Woodstock should have had all along (remembering window size/location, remembering which column was sorted, XAML view, etc). I see no reason to duplicate the functionality of Mole in Woodstock, especially not for something as silly as keeping it in C#! 😛


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