I have returned to Infragistics

Once upon a time I was hard-core into Windows Forms.  I worked at Infragistics in their WinForms Development Lab, helping build and maintain their awesome controls and components.  After a while the urge to move to NYC became irresistable, so my girlfriend and I packed our bags and headed off to the big city.  Ever since then I never found a job that even came close to being as cool as the one I had at Infragistics.  Nor did I ever find a company where my co-workers were as hard-core into programming and cutting edge technologies as I am.

Fortunately for me, I was able to get a job at Infragistics again!  My girlfriend and I will continue living in NYC, but I’m a full-time employee in the Infragistics User Experience Group.  My official job title is “Guidisan” which I find rather odd, but it is fitting because my job is rather odd.  

Guidisan is supposed to mean the combination of a Guide and an Artisan, which accurately describes what I will be doing there.  I’m thrilled to announce that my job will entail helping developers move into the world of modern UI programming; by creating exemplars (something like a reference app), writing technical articles, creating demonstrations of how the Infragistics controls can be used in powerful and innovative ways, and generally staying in touch with the community by blogging and speaking at tech events.   My manager, Ambrose Little, said that the User Experience Group is like the SWAT team of the company.  So it looks like I should have a pretty diverse and interesting job.

They’re paying me to do what I love!  I knew all this damn blogging would pay off somehow… 😉

I’m glad to say that Infragistics has done nothing but grow since I left.  I was amazed at how many more people the company has now.  I was also pleasantly reminded of how nice and smart the people are there.  I’m thrilled to be back!!

On my first day some of the guys took me out to lunch.  During the ride over to the restaurant I realized that, including myself, I was in a vehicle containing five Microsoft MVPs!  How cool is that?!  Talk about a Geek Squad…


13 Responses to I have returned to Infragistics

  1. Well, it’s actually Guidance Artisan, but I guess we didn’t cover that in orientation. :-p Welcome aboard, Josh!

  2. reno says:

    Congrats on your new job! Sounds like a lot of fun — I’m almost jealous 🙂 And looking forward to learning from the exemplar reference apps!

  3. Josh Smith says:


    I knew I’d mess something up when explaining that title. 🙂


    Thanks! I look forward to creating those exemplars, it should be very cool.


  4. Mike Strobel says:

    Congratulations, sir, it is well deserved :).

  5. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks Mike! 🙂

  6. Dave Brubacher says:

    I’m a long time user of Infragistics and a fairly recent fan of your work here and at CodeProject. Good luck!

  7. Congrats, Josh. Hope the new job works out well for you guys.

    Care to comment on the NYT’s plan for the WPF Times app?

  8. Josh Smith says:



    I don’t think I should comment on their plans for Times Reader. Just doesn’t feel right to me. Sorry.


  9. Marlon Grech says:

    Hi Josh,

    Hope you have a good time at infra… They are really lucky to have you!!!


  10. Alex Sarafian says:

    Huge fan of your blog because of your wpf work.
    Cogratulations on your work.

    In relevance to Infragistics and their products, sorry man, but from my experience, Infragistics is the the thrid party controls company that you must defenitely avoid for many reasons which if you like i could descuss in a more personal manner, because I don’t want to “spam” your blog post with irrelevant issues.

  11. Hey no prob, Josh. Congrats again – hope it works out great for you.

  12. Glad to have you back Josh! Also glad to know there is an awesome person filling my old position that will only do great things for it!

    Looking forward to working with ya,


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