Mole II

Karl Shifflett, Andrew Smith, and I have gone too far this time.  We are so far gone into the world of WPF visualizers that there’s no turning back.  We took our Mole visualizer for WPF and built something ten times better…Mole II

That’s right, the visualizer which made Woodstock look like a toy is now dwarfed by its successor.  Mole II is so incredibly cool, so fast, so robust, and so IMMINENTLY USEFUL that I can do it no better justice than to simply provide you with a link to the article about it:

Karl and I have been slaving over this thing for weeks now.  Andrew has been like a sniper, who has helped squash some of the really nasty bugs and then disappear into the thickets until needed again.  Mole II was the most fun, collaborative, interesting, and exciting software project I’ve ever been involved with.  All I can say is…WOW! 

Oh yeah, by the way, I’ll be giving a WPF presentation tonight (Thursday, 12/7/2007) at the Beantown .NET User Group.  If you’re in Boston tonight, stop on by.


One Response to Mole II

  1. Karl Shifflett says:


    I echo your thoughts and emotions! Without any doubt, the best, funest (we are talking gut busting, gallons of laughing tears) project I’ve ever done.

    We must attribute some of our sucess to our Insect Programming Methodology that was adopted early on. Many features were born from consistently applying Insect to our work.

    For those readers not familar with Insect:

    The basic tenet of Insect Programming as opposed to eXtreme Programming, is whatever flies into your head, you program.

    The Insect methodology increases developer creativity because it completely by-passes the boring specification process and all those meetings and long drawn out discussions, etc.

    Rock Boston Dude!!!


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