Mole II has been enhanced

Karl Shifflett decided that Mole II was not good enough, so he added in a feature which allows you to see non-public fields of the object you are inspecting.  Now you can see properties and fields, which makes the debugging process even more rapid because the true state of your objects can be seen with ease.  After we reviewed the new feature, Karl blogged about it and wrote an article on CodeProject.  Check out his updates here:

As of this writing, this new feature does not display the private fields of an object’s ancestor types.  It only displays the fields found in the object’s most derived partial.  I think that needs to be addressed before it is truly “done,” but so far it’s a great start.  Nice work, Karl!

2 Responses to Mole II has been enhanced

  1. Karl Shifflett says:

    Privates from derived types and nested devried types. This will be REAL fun on the round trip when Mole starts sniffing around for ancestors!

    What will be real fun, is to Molenate the Enterprise Applicaton Block with the “Ansector” feature enabled. Mole will look like Fred Munster after having to drill around that Estate of a class!!!! He will need a calculator to keep track of what level he is on!

  2. Josh Smith says:

    I agree that showing all of an object’s fields will complicate the drilling logic, but it will be a worthwhile complexity. Only showing the most derived class’s fields is useful, but misleading and incomplete, imo.

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