Mole for Visual Studio

There have been many iterations of the Mole visualizer.  The latest and greatest release is not confined to WPF applications, it works with any application!!  Karl Shifflett and Andrew Smith (of Infragistics) have really hit the ball out of the park.  I helped out with testing, editing the article, and providing feedback.  I’ve been too busy learning Silverlight 1.1 to keep up with their amazing pace.  Great work guys!

Read the article and get the latest Mole for Visual Studio here:


(Note: I cross-posted this  blog entry between this blog and my new blog.  Normally I would not do this, but I really want to help spread the word about Mole for Visual Studio.  It’s such an awesome tool!)


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  1. Karl Shifflett says:

    Thanks Rock Star!

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