Mole is now legit!

After clobbering the web with mountains of articles, blog posts, and comments about Mole, we decided that Mole needs a home.  We bought it a domain name, so that from now on whenever you need to find your latest Mole fix, just go here:

Right now that URL just gets forwarded over to the main Mole page on my blog.  Over time we hope to build a little Web site for Mole, and will eventually have the URL point there instead.

For some reason, Mole seems to be a “legitimate” project now that it has its very own URL.  Kind of silly… 

If you want to contact Team Mole with any questions/problems/suggestions about Mole, please send them to

Have a great holiday!


4 Responses to Mole is now legit!

  1. Karl Shifflett says:

    Mole RULES!

  2. marlongrech says:

    Mole is the best !!!!! Great Job you guys 🙂

    Hope that someday I will help out in another tool such as Mole….

  3. Congratulations Josh, to you and the team, for getting Mole of the ground. It’s a great tool.

    Have a great mole’iday, err holiday.

  4. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks Daniel! 🙂

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