Meeting Sacha Barber

If you are interested in cutting edge .NET technology you probably have heard of Sacha Barber. His tour de force on the CodeProject is impressive, to say the least. He is a Microsoft MVP, a CodeProject MVP, and a .NET 3.5 expert. My kind of guy! 😀

I had the pleasure of meeting Sacha recently, while his girlfriend and he were on vacation in New York City. Actually, we had such a great time hanging out that we got together again before they returned to England. Sacha is not only a .NET rock star, but also a very nice and fun guy to hang out with. His girlfriend, Sarah, is top notch, too.

Here are some pictures of two .NET alpha geeks (and a lovely English lady) hanging out together, drinking, eating, and enjoying life. Click on the pictures to view them at full size.

Sacha, Sarah, and me enjoying yummy mojitos at Bluesmoke

Sacha, Sarah, and Josh



Sacha and me enjoying mojitos at Bluesmoke

Sacha and Josh (at Bluesmoke)

Sacha and me drinking beer at Heartland Brewery

Sacha and Josh (at Heartland Brewery)

Me and Sacha eagerly awaiting the chance to eat more ribs, at Bluesmoke

Josh and Sacha (eating ribs at Bluesmoke)


12 Responses to Meeting Sacha Barber

  1. sacha barber says:

    Nice blog post Josh. We’ll have to sort out a re-run, I need more ribs and that steak man. I’ve raved about that steak man. I couldnt eat for a whole day.

    I had a great time. And let me just say, I think you are ace aswell. Thanks for having me and showing me your great city.

    Hope to meet again. Maybe in London?

  2. Nice pictures.

    I like Sacha’s t-shirt and your hat :D.
    This post made me hungry!


  3. Karl Shifflett says:

    You three are having way too much fun!

    Nice hat Dude.



  4. danielvaughan says:

    I smell ribs and good times!
    Great post.

    PS. I agree with Karl: far too much fun!

  5. sacha barber says:


    Yeah that Shicrt rock, the imperial logo from Star Wars no less. Or did you mean my girlfriends

  6. Josh Smith says:

    (Ribs + Steak + Shirt + Hat + Pretty Ladies + WPF Fanatics) == A Damn Good Time

  7. Judah says:

    A meeting of the WPF gods, eh? Cool stuff, man.

  8. Apoc says:

    Sacha, completely off-topic but has anyone ever told you that you look very like Kane Dingle (Jeff Hordley) from Emmerdale 😀

  9. marlongrech says:

    it’s not fair!!!! when will I be able to meet you guys???? 😦

  10. Josh Smith says:


    Next time you’re in NYC, I’d love to meet you! I don’t know when I’ll be in Malta next, but if I’m ever there…


  11. sacha says:


    I would also welcome you here in England. So if you are ever in London, email me and we’ll hook up

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