Mole v4.1 released

Mole has been updated with some cool new features and minor bug fixes:

  • Added the ability to export an object’s properties and fields to an XML file. That file can later be imported to allow for element comparisons.
  • Fixed the image processing code so that it handles exceptions raised only after editing certain properties/fields of a control.
  • Added tooltips that display fully qualified type names to the TreeViews, breadcrumb items,  and the property grid’s Type column.
  • Added a “Show Namespaces” option to have the TreeViews, breadcrumb items, and the property grid’s Type column show the fully qualified type names.
  • The “Show Attached Properties” CheckBox is now hidden when not viewing WPF applications.

The source code and binaries associated with the article have been updated as well.

If you would like to quickly get up to speed on using Mole, be sure to watch the tutorial videos on YouTube.

Have a great day!


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