Article about MVC, Unit Testing, and WPF

I just spent all day writing and publishing an article about using MVC to create modular and unit test-friendly WPF applications. It is based on the demo app I showed at the WPF Bootcamp. Here is the link, in case you are interested in tackling this monster of an article:


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14 Responses to Article about MVC, Unit Testing, and WPF

  1. Sarafian Alex says:

    I read your article and I found it great.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks Sarafian Alex. I appreciate the feedback. :)

  3. TJ says:

    Whats goin on with codeproject… can you guys see the site?

  4. Josh Smith says:


    No, I can’t see the article now either. I have already sent an email to Chris Maunder, the site’s webmaster.


  5. TJ says:

    Ok good to know its not just me. Thanks.

  6. Josh Smith says:

    I am able to see the article now. It looks like the CodeProject hamsters took a five minute coffee break, but they’re back on their wheels now. :)


  7. TJ says:

    Yea or it was their iPaq cluster that went down.. :)

  8. Roger says:

    Josh, I enjoyed your presentation at WPF Bootcamp and speaking with you at the reception. Thanks.

  9. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks Roger. I’m glad we had the chance to meet.


  10. WPF application patterns and Unit Testing

    Josh Smith, prolific Code Project writer and blogger, has written a great article about MVC (or M-V-poo, as the doctor would say!) and unit testing of WPF apps. The article can be found on Code Project:

  11. […] whole area is ambiguous because you can implement the MVC framework in WPF (excellent example here), and using WCF/WWF or Workflow Services as they are collectively known, you pretty much get the […]


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