Dr. WPF introduces Conceptual Children

Dr. WPF is amazingly brilliant. He figured out a way to create a panel whose children are neither visual or logical children, but simply “conceptual” children. This allows for many great things, including the ability to host the child elements in 3D space. His excellent article about the topic, with source code, can be found here.

I have been working closely with the good Doctor over the past week. His conceptual panel work has been the foundation of my new developments in displaying the items of a 2D ListBox as interactive, animated 3D objects. I will be writing about this exciting topic soon, but for now, just to whet your appetite…

6 Responses to Dr. WPF introduces Conceptual Children

  1. rudigrobler says:

    Cruel to only show a screen cap… but excellent as usual!

    Rudi Grobler

  2. Josh Smith says:

    Hey Rudi,

    I’d rather only show the screen cap now, because the code is going to be part of a CodeProject article I write soon. 😉


  3. sacha says:

    I never thought my humble little idea generated so much interest..Its really cool. The good dr Is indeed clevere and his CP debut is excellent. Sure to very well received as will whatever article you write Im sure

  4. Josh Smith says:

    Sacha, your initial inkling to host 2D elements in a 3D panel was awesome! Once you share an idea like that, it inevitably turns into a Geek Feeding Frenzy. 😀

  5. Page Not Found

    Unfortunately the page you requested was not found.

    The following is the most likely location
    Conceptual Children: A powerful new concept in WPF
    Dr. WPF Updated: 6 Apr 2008
    This article describes a new approach by which an element can remove its visual and logical relationships to its children while maintaining a conceptual parental relationship with those children.
    Windows Presentation Foundation » General

    But when you click in the suggested link, it redirects to the same error page…

  6. Josh Smith says:


    CP is having a little problem today with some articles. If you click on the link a few times, eventually the page will open up. Stick with it…trust me, the article is great!


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