Microsoft Sweetens the Pot

My Podder Skinning Competition is officially one notch cooler now. Microsoft has offered to give each of the winners an 8 GB green Zune! That was a nice surprise!! 😀

By the way, the most sought-after prize seems to be the steak dinner at Smith & Wollensky. Three people have already sent me e-mails saying that they are going to submit a skin into the competition just so that they can have me buy them a steak dinner. LOL! If you’ve ever been to Smith and Wollensky, I’m sure you understand…


8 Responses to Microsoft Sweetens the Pot

  1. Karl Shifflett says:

    Who are those masked competitors? The Molenator demands to know, who would attempt to rob him of a STEAK!

    The is great news on the Zunes. Thank you Microsoft!

  2. marlongrech says:

    cool…. good luck for the winner!

  3. Sandeep says:

    Hi Josh,

    Your blog on WPF rocks!!!. The Podder Skinning competition looks supercool. I would love to have participated. But I do not have VS2008. 😦

  4. Josh Smith says:


    Thanks a lot! You can get VS2008 Express, which supports WPF programming, for free. Check it out here:


  5. King says:

    Hi Josh,

    How do I proceed if I encounter an (407) proxy authentication required error, while podder tries to retrieve the feed.


  6. Josh Smith says:


    Someone supplied me with this fix for the issue you mentioned. I forgot to put it into the Podder source code before releasing it for the competition (my bad!):

    <!– ## defaultProxy uses IE Browser Settings –>

    <defaultProxy enabled=”true” useDefaultCredentials=”true”>
    <proxy autoDetect=”unspecified”
    ## REMOVE LINE ## –>


  7. King says:

    Hi Josh,

    I the podder application up and running. Even tried to come up with a new skin.. I am new to WPF, but I loved working with it and also came up with a simple skin..

    You have put up a great app Josh, Keep up the great work.. Hats off


  8. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks a lot, King! 😀

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