IdentityMine Sweetens the Pot

The Podder Skinning Competition is really starting to heat up now!  IdentityMine is now giving away their awesome blendables product as a prize to the winners.  The list of prizes has grown quite a bit since the competition first began, and this latest addition definitely cranks it up a notch.  Thanks a lot, IdentityMine! 8)

I have already received a few e-mails and comments from people who are creating a Podder skin for the competition.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with.  Also, Karl told me that he is locked onto winning the steak dinner at Smith & Wollensky prize like a heat-seeking missile.  🙂


5 Responses to IdentityMine Sweetens the Pot

  1. Marlon Grech says:

    COOL!!!! Identity Mine are the BEST!

  2. sacha says:

    Josh tell Karl, that regardless if he wins or not, for my stag do in NY thhe “Smith & Wollensky” steak will be ours.

  3. horst says:

    Hello (Marlon),

    Instead of just pushing Identity Mine, you could mention that Blendables is unusable because of the rediculous ACTIVATION REQUIREMENT !

    You guys built a lot of reputation and trust through your outstanding work. Please, please don’t throw it away like this.

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