Synchronized Field Widths in XamDataGrid

I tackled an interesting programming task where I needed the width of cells in child records of a XamDataGrid to stay in sync with the width of the corresponding cells in the parent record.  I worked through the problem and ended up with a pretty interesting solution, which I blogged about here.  Eventually the datagrid will provide that functionality out-of-the-box, but until then at least there’s a temporary solution.  WPF is so much fun!

2 Responses to Synchronized Field Widths in XamDataGrid

  1. Mike Strobel says:

    Nicely done. Indeed, problem solving in WPF is a lot of fun–you know there’s at least two or three viable solutions, but which is best? Invariably, you end up doing lots of experimentation and learn a thing or two along the way :).

  2. Josh Smith says:

    That’s so true, Mike. 8)

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