Article about CheckBoxes in a WPF TreeView

After much experimentation, prodding, and poking (and some help from Dr. WPF) I’ve found a great way to put CheckBox controls into TreeViewItems.  There are some subtle and irritating issues that I needed to figure out and work around, particularly related to keyboard navigation.  However, the deed is done and now you can read all about it here:

At the end of the article, I point out a bug in the CheckBox control that is specific to the Aero theme.  :-\

4 Responses to Article about CheckBoxes in a WPF TreeView

  1. John "Z-Bo" Zabroski says:

    nice. btw you are finally in the top 10 on google search for “josh smith”. along with atlanta hawks basketball player 😛

  2. John "Z-Bo" Zabroski says:

    by the way, did you file the bug in microsoft connect? If so, link it. You can’t hope for MS to fix bugs reported to CodeProject! 😉

  3. Siarhei says:

    great control! however what is the best way to get a “kind-of” Click event, i.e. when a check-box status is changed by the user?

    sorry if it is too simple, still learning WPF


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