The Podder Skinning Competition is a success!

It seems that extending the Podder Skinning Competition deadline by a month worked out well.  Today was the deadline, and there are five contestants!  Technically one of them was a few hours past the deadline, but I can tell he really put his all into this, so I’m going to let it slide.  😉

Now the judges will decide which of the contestants is the winner.  Since there were five entries, there will be only one winner, according to the rules laid out in the competition’s write-up.  I hope to have the final decision made within a few days or a week.  Stay tuned to see who won…

All of the submissions can be found in the comments of this post:


2 Responses to The Podder Skinning Competition is a success!

  1. Ngoc says:

    Hi Josh,
    My project solution has 2 projects: a WPF application and other is a class library. I put all custom controls in the class library project, they were set as internal, only show their interfaces as public. Also in this project, I embed resource dictionaries that I used to style that controls, and load them dynamically in a custom application class. I also put the custom application class and main window class in this project. In the WPF project, there’s only one class called ‘Program’, it has a Main method to run the custom application class. But when I run the application, it throw an XamlParseException exception: ‘Only public classes can be used in markup. ‘GelButton’ type is not public’. How can I fix it without public my controls?

  2. Ngoc says:

    I found the solution! I set Build Action of .xaml files from Resource to Page and it work! Anyway, thank you ;-).

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