Release: Crack.NET v1.1

I just released an updated version of Crack.NET!  It contains a lot of bug fixes, and a few minor new features.  I wrote more about this new release in the “Latest News” section on the Crack.NET home page.  You can download the new binaries here, or get the latest source code drop here.  This version of the tool is much better than the previous one, so I recommend you grab it if you want to be a crackhead.  😀

On the home page, I mention that I’ve rounded up a group of talented individuals who are going to contribute to the project.  I’ve dubbed the group “The Cartel”.  To see who is in The Cartel, check out the “Latest News” section here.

8 Responses to Release: Crack.NET v1.1

  1. Mark Nijhof says:

    That is great news about ‘The Cartel’ I’ll download the 1.1 soon to see your changes.


  2. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks Mark. By the way, I just saw your comment about how the IronPython assemblies were not in source control, so I added them. Thanks for pointing that out.


  3. Simon says:

    Just a nudge in case you don’t subscribe to codeproject notifications 🙂
    ..I posted updated project files to build separate x64 and x86 versions, and gave a go at creating installers (attached to the other installer work item).

    It seems you created a killer app once again!

  4. Frank says:

    Hi Josh,

    i can start crack It, i can push the Button Crack It! – but nothing happens … 😦
    can you help me out?

    thx Frank

  5. Josh Smith says:


    Thanks a lot! I’m at the PDC now, so it might be a while before I have time to review your work.


    Did you select a WPF or WinForms app from the dropdown?

  6. John "Z-Bo" Zabroski says:

    You are now #1 on google search for josh smith, ahead of the basketball player. I guess you are the WPF Slam dunk champion.

    Although, I’m still not sure where you plan to take this tool.

  7. Frank says:

    Hi Josh,

    i select a WPF app, but the eye just blink blink.
    Btw with Snoop its the same, i can start but nothing happens.

    i think i miss something …

  8. Josh Smith says:

    I’m not sure, Frank. I have also seen an occasional glitch like that, but never can consistently reproduce it. If you care to, you could download the source code for Crack.NET, uncomment the line to Debugger.Launch() in EntryPoint.cs, and run it to see what’s happening.


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