Dinner with Dr. WPF (continued)

As Walt recently mentioned here, a few WPF Disciples got together for dinner last night.  Sitting at the table was none other than Dr. WPF in the flesh.  I won’t repeat everything Walt so vividly depicted, but there are some other aspects of that experience worth noting.

I had never heard someone request a side order of XAML before; neither had the waitress.  After she told the good Doctor that they did not have XAML on the menu, he burst into hysterical laughter while threatening to “initiate a furious bout of fisticuffs.”  What can you expect from a guy who drinks kool-aid by the gallon?

After that uncomfortable episode ended, the Doc explained to us, in great detail, how man can control the movement of the Loch Ness monster through animation of TranslateTransforms and RotateTransforms.  I didn’t quite follow, but it sounded very interesting.    He lost me when he mentioned that his plan requires “one brave scuba diver to dive down to Nessy and assign the transform group to her bosom.”

When the steaks arrived, the Doc expressed discontent with the size of his meal.  He kept touching the steak with two fingers and sliding them apart.    Eventually he gave up and started to eat his meal, grumbling about some missing resource key.

6 Responses to Dinner with Dr. WPF (continued)

  1. sacha says:

    Ill do it, Ill tame the monster, arm me up with the XAML scuba tank, and some nitroxiValueCovertered air and I am there.

  2. Josh Smith says:

    😀 I’ll let the Doc know.

  3. Andry says:

    Need Free Programs

  4. John "Z-Bo" Zabroski says:

    The legend grows…

    Great story.

    Did you wear your hard hat? You may want to, to block those fisticuffs.

  5. Karl Shifflett says:

    Next time, we can sell tickets and fund the trip with ticket sales tot he “Dr. WPF Show!”



  6. theludditedeveloper says:

    Have parked the car, and I am making my way to the loch now.

    Did you know that it is 600ft deep in places?

    See picture of Loch Ness and The Monster in my first blog post as The Luddite Developer.

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