End of PDC 2008

I just got back to NYC after spending six days in Los Angeles, attending the PDC.  It was my first time attending a conference of such massive proportions.  If you have never attended one, I suggest you do.  Aside from the exciting material covered by some (certainly not all) of the sessions, it also provides you with a great way to meet people and make professional contacts.  Also, you end up leaving with a veritable mountain of crap…err “swag”…that you can eventually throw away after you lug it all home.

I was blown away by how much interest and enthusiasm I saw for WPF.  Most of the WPF sessions (i.e. presentations about WPF) were packed, and even had overflow rooms that were packed.  I think a lot of people are starting to see WPF as the future of desktop Windows programming, not as just some interesting “thing” that Microsoft is promoting.  The session about the new WPF DataGrid and Ribbon controls had two overflow rooms!

I’d like to thank Infragistics, my employer, for sending me out there.  I’d also like to thank the great people I met out there, who made the experience so enjoyable and interesting.  It was great to finally meet many of the WPF Disciples, and other folks, with whom I had only ever communicated via e-mail in the past.


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