Shader Effects with Shazzam

Walt Ritscher created a great tool that lets you easily work with WPF shader effects, called Shazzam.  This tool makes it very easy to grab some shader code, perhaps off the internet, try out various input values, see what effect they have on images, and then grab some generated source code (C# or VB) and paste it into your app.  Very cool!

Walt showed me this snazzy tool in action at PDC.  He also made some videos that walk through how to put the tool to use.  It is very easy to use, and makes it fun to play with shader effects.  If you are interested in WPF shader effects, I suggest you check it out here:

2 Responses to Shader Effects with Shazzam

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  2. peteohanlon says:

    Wow – this is an amazing looking tool. Thanks for the heads up Josh.

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