NCAL Goes Live on CodePlex

Over the past couple of months at work, I have been, amongst other things, developing a library that allows you to use Infragistics WPF controls in a composite application.  If you base your composite app on Microsoft’s Composite Application Library (CAL) and want to use a third party control, such as XamDockManager, you must register a “region adapter” so that it and CAL can play nicely together.  The library I’ve been working on contains region adapters for Infragistics controls.  It is called NetAdvantage for Composite Application Library (NCAL) and is now publicly available on CodePlex.

I wrote more about NCAL on my work blog, so if you want to learn more visit this page.

3 Responses to NCAL Goes Live on CodePlex

  1. Michael Norton says:

    Do you prefer the Infragistics WPF control suite of Telerik’s and xceed’s and Component One’s suites?


  2. Hannes says:

    Hi Josh,

    thank you for ncal.
    It’s good to know, that infragistics cares for
    their customer. I’m currently working on a
    composite wpf project using infragistics
    dockmanager. So, you released ncal exactly
    on time. It would be great if we can see
    more regionadapters in the future.
    OutlookBar or XamRibbon would be great.

    Best Regards

  3. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Hannes. I’ll pass it along to the right people at Infragistics.


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