Minor enhancement to ContentControl3D: RotationDestination

In response to a question about ContentControl3D, I added a new feature tonight.  The scenario that the user asked about involves making several ContentControl3Ds rotate to the back or front side in response to the user selecting an option in the UI; not by clicking on each ContentControl3D.  For example, suppose you have several ContentControl3Ds in a list, and you want to have them all rotate at once to show what’s on their back sides.  The question was: how can one implement this, such that ViewModel objects associated with the ContentControl3Ds can cause the rotations to occur?

The user asked if I could make the read-only IsFrontInView dependency property read-write.  Due to some complications around the semantics of that property, I could not take that approach.  Instead, I added a RotationDestination enum, and allow the RotateCommand to accept a RotationDestination value as the command parameter.  The new ‘Rotation Destination’ sample shows how to implement the requested scenario.  For more information about why I took this approach, read the discussion thread that prompted this change.

You can download the latest Thriple source code, which includes ContentControl3D and the samples, here.

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