I am a Microsoft MVP again!

Great news arrived today.  Microsoft has given me the MVP title, once again!   This my third year in a row as an MVP, and hopefully not my last.

I must say, though, that receiving this notification on April Fool’s Day is slightly unnerving… 😀

18 Responses to I am a Microsoft MVP again!

  1. Congratulations, you deserve it 😉

  2. Spivonious says:

    Congratulations! I think I’ve learned more about WPF from this blog than anything on the MSDN.

  3. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks a lot, Thomas and Spivonious.

  4. Damien says:

    Congratulations! I guess everyone would agree to say you highly deserve it. I have learned a lot from you, especially about WPF and MVVM. Thanks a lot for everything!

  5. Philipp says:

    Good one, Josh! Highly deserved – I’m still learning lots and lots from you.

    Cheers! 🙂

  6. Josh Smith says:

    Much appreciated, guys! 😀

  7. icecactus says:

    Congrats! I love your articles and work on MVVM. Have taught me a lot. Now i’m a MVVM fiend. Keep up the good work!

  8. Josh Smith says:

    Aye aye, icecactus. hehe

  9. Daniel Hernandez says:

    Agree with Damien, Thomas and all the guys…

  10. mariocatch says:

    Well deserved Josh. I’ve been a huge advocate of you and your blog. You actually are the reason why I too have a wordpress blog. You’re dedication has inspired me to give back. Microsoft MVP does not say enough for the amount of knowledge you have contributed to the community.

    Congratulations man! 🙂

  11. Josh Smith says:

    Wow, thanks a lot everybody. I really appreciate the kind words.

  12. Pramod.P.V says:

    Microsoft can never deny you the MVP Status, It is just because of your work that i noticed WPF. I want you to be a MVP next time too……….. Eagerly waiting for your Next article.

  13. Stéphane L says:

    You deserve it, fortunately there are people like you, congratulations again!

  14. Ian Randall says:

    Just to echo other’s sentiments, Josh: Congratulations, and thanks for holding my hand through those first frightening, compelling, exciting steps on my own WPF journey.
    Best wishes from Auckland – Ian Randall

  15. Cyril Gupta says:

    Congratulations Josh! Good going.

  16. Chris says:

    You’ve worked hard for this title Josh! Congratulations are in order here. I’m not sure where I would be, in the wonderful world of WPF, without your insightful articles and demos. You’re definitely a most valuable player!


  17. Congratulations! When I saw your post’s title, I thought “again? When the hell did you lose the title?” I guess that coffee has yet to sink in.

    I was telling my boss the other day that we should put your name in the credits of our application (it’s a WPF app – you do the math… :))

    Keep up the good work!

  18. Arunkumar says:

    Congratulations Josh! You earned it.

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