Article about UX design for multi-touch systems

An article by Joel Eden, a colleague of mine at Infragistics, was recently published in Dr. Dobb’s. The article is called ‘Designing for Multi-Touch, Multi-User and Gesture-Based Systems‘.   It touches on the very interesting topic of how to design good user experiences for the next generation of multi-touch systems, such as Microsoft Surface applications.  This is something that I have been wondering about, so I was thrilled to discover this article.  It is very well written and explains the subject matter in a clear, understandable way.  For example, here’s an excerpt that I find very thought provoking…

If gestures are already so much a part of our cognitive processing then in some ways, the growing excitement around gesture-based systems is a sign that software systems are finally catching up to how we already think and behave, rather than really representing an innovative way of interacting with information.

You can read the article here:

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