Routed Events in Silverlight 3

I started working at IdentityMine a few weeks ago, and have been exposed to several very interesting projects made by some very smart people.  One project that I think has a lot of potential was created by Andrew Whiddett.  He created a library that adds in-depth routed event support in Silverlight 3.  If you are working with Silverlight, I highly suggest you check this exciting project out!  I’m very interested in seeing where this goes…

If you have any feedback on that library, please leave it on the project’s Discussions board.  Enjoy!


2 Responses to Routed Events in Silverlight 3

  1. Totally awesome! I just took a peek. I have to say this is _much_ nicer than slextension’s implementation.

    Maybe now I can make a base SL control with “Preview[UIEvent]”s. Mad props!


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