Advanced MVVM is now available for the Kindle

Due to popular demand, I have made my Advanced MVVM book available for Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader.  You can get it here:


20 Responses to Advanced MVVM is now available for the Kindle

  1. David Mora says:


    I have been burned by the Adobe tool before and lost money to it so I would never buy a book in that format.

    Kindle, however is all right with me. I’ll be getting your book now.

  2. Josh Smith says:

    I’m glad to hear it, David. Thanks!

  3. Hello, Josh –

    I’m also buying your Kindle book (now).

    I’ve been working on a book myself (not on WPF) and have decided to go through Lulu as well. Would you mind sharing how you got the Amazon integration?


  4. Josh Smith says:

    Hey Steve,

    There are some posts out there that discuss how to self-publish on Kindle. I suggest you check out this one for more details:


  5. Scott W. says:

    Thanks Josh, and you even enabled the text-to-speech… I finally get to try out that feature on a real book! Sweet.

  6. Kent Boogaart says:

    Nice, but why is it more expensive than the printed version? Seems backwards…

  7. Josh Smith says:

    It’s less expensive than the printed version. The Kindle version and e-book version cost $9.99 while the printed version costs $19.99.


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  9. Kent Boogaart says:

    @Josh: I was comparing USD on the Amazon site to GBP on the Lulu site without realizing it.

    But still, the Kindle price is listed as $14.09, not $9.99.

    Never fear, I’m buying all the same. I’m not *that* much of a tight-wad 😉

  10. Josh Smith says:

    That’s odd. The Kindle version price difference must have to do with your location. For me, here in the US, the price is $9.99.

  11. Kent Boogaart says:

    Hey, it’s expensive shipping those electrons overseas!

  12. Josh Smith says:

    LOL! I was hoping that my book would be big enough to get a wholesale discount on the electron shipping fees. Blast! I should have written one more chapter. 🙂


  13. Yazid says:

    Is there a code download that comes with book?

  14. Josh Smith says:


    The code reviewed in the book is hosted here:


  15. Douglas says:

    Well, I’ve been burned.

    Ordered the pdf copy (would be nice if there was some warning on the lulu site about the DRM). I have yet to be able to open it. Adobe Digital Edition reluctantly installed. Still no dice.


    Cringing in Colorado

  16. Josh Smith says:


    Sorry to hear about the problem. Did you register the Adobe Digital Editions application on your machine, using a valid Adobe ID yet?


  17. sickOfAdobe says:

    For the love of God, please avoid that Adobe Digital Editions like the plague. Over a 24-hour period – absolutely nothing. Could not get to install, loaded all kinds of “extras” on my windows PC, absolutely hate it.

    Why didn’t I learn my lesson about Adobe Updater (and the new abominable, invasive, doesn’t work at firewalled locations anymore new Flash installer).

    More than 1 day to wait to purchase your book? If it wasn’t Josh Smith I would’ve bailed on the book.

    Josh please do us a favor & simply offer on Kindle only – I’m downloading both now & can assure you without even trying first (!!) that it will work flawlessly.

    Amazon has never steered me wrong. Don’t care at this point – it was not worth $5 to even attempt to install Adobe to save that amount.


    But I’m sure the book is worth it. 🙂

  18. Josh Smith says:

    Sorry to hear that you had problems with the Adobe version! It seems that most people are able to get it working no problem, but a few have problems. I wish I had a solution for you guys. Thanks for persevering. I hope you enjoy the book!


  19. Hi,

    you should know that the price for us in Europe is actually $19.54.

    I’d never buy it at that price. Us price at $9.99 is basically half that – far from the exchange rate difference, even if we count in the (European) VAT.

    I know that this has nothing to do with you, it’s Amazon’s fault – I’m just letting you know.

    If you self published in unprotected .mobi format (look at what O’Reilly does, they offer unprotected mobi, pdf and ePub) people would still be able to read it on a Kindle (I have Kindle 2 and love it).

    Good luck with self-publishing, I admire and encourage everyone to self-publish. We just have to find a way for big distributors like Amazon from monopolizing the market.

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