Free MVVM Guidance in Visual Studio

If you are curious about the Model-View-ViewModel pattern, or would like to have handy reference material at your fingertips, look no further.  My good friend Karl Shifflett has just released an amazingly comprehensive set of MVVM training material, called “In the Box.” Why is it called that? Because all of the guidance is displayed in Visual Studio!  If the topic you’re reading references some code or XAML file, you simply click on the link and that file opens.  Pretty slick!

You can visit this project’s home page here.  Enjoy!


6 Responses to Free MVVM Guidance in Visual Studio

  1. weitzhandler says:

    I think as long as there is no OUT THE BOX support for MVVM, and what I mean is WCF RIA Service integration and ViewModel generators according to the Models, the View generators (allow drag & drop of controls according to the ViewModels in the Data Sources panel), I will stick to the old dirty code with Silverligh RIA with no ViewModel tier (I use the generated entity on the client side as the ViewModel).

    I am waiting for the day MVVM will become a part of the IDE, meanwhile it’s just impossible due to time constraints. Sorry.

  2. sacha barber says:


    That is a weird thing to say, you are saying until the drag and drop tooling is there you do not want to do things correctly….Right.

  3. weitzhandler says:

    I was basically talking about the templates, and that WPF doesn’t support WPF.
    I think the ViewModel should be generated (at least initially).

  4. Asela Gunawardena says:

    I know this is off the topic, but if you don’t mind plase place a reply.
    I have been learning MVVM with the help of your MSDN article,
    And started designing my applications based on the workspace model discussed.
    So far the going was smooth till there came a requirement to open a new tab from an already opened Tab, lets say that i wanted to open “New Customer” Tab from “All Customers” Tab, and was wondering what would be the best approach to do so.
    Any help in this regard is pretty much appriciated.

  5. wraith808 says:

    A little off-topic, but I just found out about this blog and your book, and was wondering if a nook version was in the offering? It’s quite easy to publish there like the kindle, and I’d be all over it if it were available.

  6. Mark in Virginia says:

    Thanks for the link. Installation was a snap. Just watched the intro video. Will work my way through the materials over the next week or so. I really like this idea of marrying the descriptions and the code and also the idea of creating a baseline app and discussing tradeoffs of alternative designs. p.s. Just got a Kindle and tried it out on Advanced MVVM. Good stuff. Very helpful. Thanks man.

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