Free trial of Mole 2010

Due to popular demand, we have published a free trial of Mole 2010. You can learn more about it and get the bits here:

Happy debugging!

4 Responses to Free trial of Mole 2010

  1. Floyd Henderson says:

    Are you guys bonkers?? $50 for Mole is soooo under-priced. Did you do market research before deciding on a price?? I’m not complaining mind you! Just want to make sure you don’t throw in the towel because of it, that’s all. /F

  2. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks for your candid feedback, Floyd. I can assure you that we are not “bonkers.” 🙂

    Regarding market research, that’s an interesting question. Mole 2010 does not currently have any competitors. There is nothing else out there that does what our product does, so what would we base our comparison on? Sure, we looked at the price of Silverlight Spy and other similar dev tools, but those are not really the same as Mole 2010.

    We debated amongst ourselves what the “right” price is for quite some time. Eventually we settled on $49.99 because it seemed, to us, the most reasonable starting point. As I mentioned above, we’re charting unknown waters here.

    I must admit…I am surprised that several people have already told me that they think we’re undercharging for Mole 2010. I expected to get feedback that it’s too expensive (which we have also received). It really just boils down to perceived value, I suppose. For people who see the benefits of a tool like Mole 2010, and have some extra money to spare, it must seem cheap. For others, not so.

    I hope you enjoy Mole 2010 and don’t mind “under-paying” us. Feel free to buy multiple licenses, if that makes you feel better about it… 😉


  3. Floyd Henderson says:

    Multiple licenses. You have a funny twist of mind friend!

  4. Tat says:

    Thanks for the free demo I was hoping you would do that cuz I’m all about try before you buy. Fifty bucks seems bout right to me. Floyd must be rich or something. LOL

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