Mole 2010 v1.3 is now available

Molosoft shipped a new version of Mole 2010 today! Go download it here.

The Mole 2010 v1.3 release contains a large number of enhancements based on customer feedback. Existing customers can simply install the new version on top of the previous one. If you are interested in trying out Mole 2010 before purchasing a license, please visit our Demo page to get a full-featured free trial today.

For more information about Mole 2010 v1.3 check out the announcement post over at Molosoft’s Web site.

Happy debugging!


2 Responses to Mole 2010 v1.3 is now available

  1. The Molosoft site appears to have been hacked.

  2. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks a lot, Brian. We are looking into it. How annoying… :-\

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