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I spent several months putting together a WPF application, in my free time, which I use when giving a presentation.  If you have attended one of my presentations and are curious about how some part of the application works, or just want some WPF code to munch on, you can download the app here:  WPF Presentation Application

NOTE: Be sure to change the file extension from .DOC to .ZIP and then decompress it.

13 Responses to Presentation App

  1. Karl Shifflett says:

    You are the Man!

    Nice presentation Mr. WPF. Sorry I missed it.

    I’ve been so busy with my game and the product at work I have not had much time for anything else.

    I do have an article I want to do. It’s on how to animate an object at run-time from point A to point B without using a Canvas control.

    I figured out how to move an object from Grid.Row 1, Grid.Column 2 TO Grid.Row 7, Grid.Column 4 without animating the Grid row and column attached properties. Basically, I draw a line a run time and covert it to a motion path and animate the object. The hardest part was figuring out “where” the starting and ending points are. What made this harder was, if the user was on a wide screen monifor the grid columns expanded just like they were supposed to, so no hard coding x and y values. It took all day to figure this out, since every animation example I could find was always on a Canvas which makes this stuff super simple. I hope to get this done this week and hope others can find it useful.

    We have our Charlotte code camp on Oct 20, 2007. Would you like to come and speak? That would be a home run for all developers in the Charlotte, Columbia, Greenville areas. Also, I toss in a brib for the best ribs and turkey breast you’ve ever had.

    I’ll be doing a presentation on UserControls and CustomControls and possibly another on RoutedEvents.

    I have a few more items on my UI in the game to complete and I’ll send you a UI Alpha One for your commnets. Just LOVE WPF.

    Very serious about the invitation to come to Charlotte.

    Best to you Josh,


  2. randy george says:

    Iwas interesting in seeing the presentation(after the fact) so I downloaded the file above and loaded the sln into VS 2005, but ran into some problems. Does this sln need to use Orcas beta?

    Even after adding an assembly ref to the App.xaml I get this error:
    “Error 1 The tag ‘TableOfContents’ does not exist in XML namespace
    Line 86 Position 6.”
    I commented out this particular resource still get a batch of parsing errors?

    I am curious. Would your demonstration work as an xbap?

  3. Josh Smith says:


    I compiled the application in VS2005 with the Orcas extensions. It should work fine if converted to a VS2008 solution, but I have not tested that yet. Similarly, I have not tested if the app can run without errors as an XBAP. That was never my intention, so I didn’t take it into consideration while designing/developing it.


  4. Strange thing when I convert it to vs2008. among other things, it says this style does not exist from LayoutPage1.xaml.

    Title=”LayoutPage1″ Style=”{StaticResource TopicPageStyle}”

    but I see it in app.xaml.

  5. Marco says:

    Very nice presentation Josh!

    I had no problems converting it to VS2008. Make sure to rebuild the whole solution, then it worked fine without any changes.

  6. Kannan says:

    i am able to compile successfully but not able to see the screen at design time. i am getting the following error.

    Error 1 Value ‘Topics/TableOfContents.xml’ cannot be assigned to property ‘Source’. Unsupported URI syntax. Method expects a relative URI or a pack://application:,,,/ form of absolute URI. D:\WpfPresentation\WpfPresentation\App.xaml 88 51 WpfPresentation

  7. Josh Smith says:


    That does not surprise me. I never once looked at that application in the visual designer. You must be careful to design/code for things to work well in the designer, and I didn’t. Sorry!


  8. Pranz says:

    hey..really liked your blog and the work you do.


  9. Replace “xmlns:1” with “xmlns:my” and “<1:” to “<my:” to get rid of the “Unsupported URI syntax” message in VS2008.

  10. Awesome ! Simply gr8.

    I just loved you work.

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