Slides from iOS for .NET Devs presentation

January 29, 2013

Recently I spoke at the Southeast Valley .NET User Group, in Arizona, about iOS programming from a .NET developer’s perspective. I really enjoyed speaking to the group and they had a bunch of good questions for me. Sharing my experiences in the “other world” is an interesting challenge!

Josh speaking about iOS

I went into detail about how native iOS programming compares to .NET programming. The presentation briefly covered many of the topics that my book ‘iOS Programming for .NET Developers‘ goes into in great detail. For example, I spent some time comparing Objective-C to C# and showing how to translate between them.

Josh talking about Objective-C

I exported my slide deck to a PDF, which can be downloaded from this blog post.

iOS Programming for .NET Devs Slides


WPF for LOB track at Charlotte Code Camp

May 16, 2008

On Saturday May 17th, 2008 (i.e. tomorrow) Karl Shifflett and I will be giving an all-day presentation about using WPF to create line-of-business (LOB) applications. So if you are anywhere near Charlotte, North Carolina, and want to learn about WPF for LOB, stop on by! It’s free to register and attend.

You can read more about it here. Karl has posted his excellent demo application, which will be the focal point of his three sessions here. I will post my presentation material directly after it finishes, since some of my material will be created during the sessions.

Watch my presentation at the WPF Bootcamp 2008

March 29, 2008

A few months ago I flew out to Redmond so that I could speak at Microsoft’s WPF Bootcamp.  I gave a presentation about implementing the Model-View-Whatever pattern in WPF, which was received very well by the attendees.  After giving that presentation I solidified the material into my ‘Using MVC to Unit Test WPF Applications‘ article on CodeProject.  This seminal work is the foundation of the structural skinning architecture seen in Podder.

The entire WPF Bootcamp 2008 was videotaped and recently published online.  Karsten announced it a few days ago in this post.  All of the videos and associated downloads are hosted in a Silverlight application (of course), which you can view hereNOTE: That page comes up empty for me in FireFox, so be sure to open in it Internet Explorer.

You can find my presentation under Day 3.  It is called “Hello, Real World!” and runs for about one hour.  I highly suggest you check out some of the other presentations, too.  There were many interesting things discussed during the bootcamp.

In case you want to download the entire video file,which is quite large, you can grab them individually from this page.  My video is around 330MB so it might take a while to download it, but if you’re just dying to fill up that new external hard drive…  🙂

My presentation at the WPF Bootcamp

January 23, 2008

I just finished speaking at Microsoft’s WPF Bootcamp in Redmond, WA. My topic was how to design, implement, and unit test WPF applications. I focused on using the Model View Controller pattern, as well as how to write unit tests for the Model and Controller. In about a month or so, a video recording of the entire WPF Bootcamp will be put on the Web. When that happens, I’ll let you know.

The presentation went very well and many people in the audience asked if I could get the demo app source code to them as soon as possible. Instead of waiting for the bootcamp’s material to be released, I decided to host it here on my blog. You can download both the PowerPoint slides and the entire demo app (which requires Visual Studio 2008) here: WPF Bootcamp Presentation (2008)

NOTE: You need to change the download’s file extension from .DOC to .ZIP and then decompress it. This is a workaround for a limitation imposed by WordPress.

Thanks to everyone in the audience who asked those interesting and important questions. That really added to my material. 🙂

I have met many of the WPF biggies while out here. I enjoyed lunch with Rob Relyea and Dr. WPF while discussing the future of WPF, and right now I’m sitting next to Karsten Januszewski and Jaime Rodriguez! It’s great to finally meet the people whose blogs have shaped my thinking about WPF, and whose forum posts have shown me the framework in such great detail.

By the way, I had no idea how popular Mole is becoming! Holy smokes! It turns out that Mole is making big waves at Microsoft. I love knowing that our hard work and dedication has had such a profound and positive impact on the .NET world! 😀

Mole II

December 6, 2007

Karl Shifflett, Andrew Smith, and I have gone too far this time.  We are so far gone into the world of WPF visualizers that there’s no turning back.  We took our Mole visualizer for WPF and built something ten times better…Mole II

That’s right, the visualizer which made Woodstock look like a toy is now dwarfed by its successor.  Mole II is so incredibly cool, so fast, so robust, and so IMMINENTLY USEFUL that I can do it no better justice than to simply provide you with a link to the article about it:

Karl and I have been slaving over this thing for weeks now.  Andrew has been like a sniper, who has helped squash some of the really nasty bugs and then disappear into the thickets until needed again.  Mole II was the most fun, collaborative, interesting, and exciting software project I’ve ever been involved with.  All I can say is…WOW! 

Oh yeah, by the way, I’ll be giving a WPF presentation tonight (Thursday, 12/7/2007) at the Beantown .NET User Group.  If you’re in Boston tonight, stop on by.

Great time at Charlotte Code Camp

October 21, 2007

I spent the weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina and had a great time giving my WPF presentation at the Charlotte Developers GUILD Code Camp.  I met a lot of really nice people down there, and found that there was a lot of interest around WPF amongst the attendees.  It was a blast!

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with the most passionate WPF developer and speaker in the known Universe, Karl Shifflett.  Karl gave his impassioned WPF presentation after mine, and did an awesome job.  I think I convinced Karl to start sharing his passion for WPF and VB.NET by blogging tips and tricks, which should help fill that gigantic WPF/VB.NET abyss in cyberspace.

Also I got to meet Rob Zelt, the man who once made my day when he sent me a PDF copy of my old blog, which had been deleted by my previous employer.  Thanks Rob!

Upcoming WPF Presentations

September 30, 2007

I just returned from a wonderful week of vacation in Paris. The architecture, cuisine, wines/cognacs/armangacs/calvados, art, music, and beautiful women recharged my batteries and inspired me. Now that I’m back in the swing of things here in New York City, it’s time to make a few announcements regarding my WPF-entrenched alter ego.

I will be giving a WPF presentation on October 20th, 2007 at the Charlotte Developers GUILD Code Camp, in North Carolina. It should be a lot of fun, so if you’re in the area you might want to stop by. My buddy Karl Shifflet announced the fact that I’ll be speaking there with great enthusiasm, so hopefully I will live up to his expectations! 🙂

On Tuesday, December 11th I will be giving my WPF presentation at the Northern New Jersey .NET User Group.

Also, my WPF presentation at the Boston .NET User Group has been moved from November 1st to Thursday December 6th.

VSLive was great

September 17, 2007

I gave my WPF presentation at VSLive! NYC today.  It went quite well, and the audience became more and more engaged as the presentation progressed.  As promised, I’ve made my presentation application source code available.  Feel free to download it from this page:

I’m looking forward to attending the other presentations over the next couple of days!

The NYC .NET Developer Group presentation

August 16, 2007

I gave my WPF presentation for the NYC .NET Developer Group tonight. It went very well and the audience raised dozens of interesting questions. I was amazed to hear from Andrew Brust, one of the Developer Group’s moderators, that my presentation received a record-breaking attendance turnout; just over one hundred people! Some kind people even approached me afterwards to say that my WPF presentation was the best they’d seen, even better than some given by Microsoft folks. Thanks a lot!

For those of you who attended, I will be making the presentation material available in late September. I want to polish it up a bit and make some changes before my September presentation at VSLive! New York. If you live in the area but did not make it to the Developer Group presentation, I’ll be giving the same harangue at VSLive so stop on by.

Thanks to everyone who attended, especially those who helped make my presentation more engaging by asking questions. I had a blast and look forward to doing it again!

Three upcoming WPF presentations

August 6, 2007

I have written about some of my upcoming WPF presentations before, but two of them are coming up soon so I wanted to publish a brief reminder.  I’ll be giving the same presentation at each of these events, perhaps with some improvements added in as time goes on.  If you’re in the area and want to hear my WPF harangue, feel free to join me!

NYC .NET Developer Group – August 16, 2007 (Thursday)

VSLive! New York 2007 – September 17, 2007 (Monday)

Boston .NET User Group – November 1, 2007 (Thursday)