Listen to the Polymorphic Podcast about Mole

January 15, 2008

I am extremely happy to announce that the Polymorphic Podcast has recently published an episode where Craig Shoemaker and I discuss the Mole debugger visualizer!  In the interview I explained a lot of background information about Mole’s development and how it works.  If you are interested, feel free to check it out here:

I highly recommend you listen to the Mole podcast episode using the Podder podcast player… 😉

Mole now has editing capabilities

December 31, 2007

Karl and Andrew have taken Mole to the next level.  Now you can edit properties and fields of an object, and those modifications are persisted!  I was only marginally involved with this new feature, mostly testing and giving feedback, but I’m really glad that those two guys took the time to see it through to completion.  This is really amazing stuff, and I highly recommend you check out the new article and download the latest bits.  Here is the new article:

Visit to learn more about Mole.

Happy New Year!  😀

Mole is now legit!

December 21, 2007

After clobbering the web with mountains of articles, blog posts, and comments about Mole, we decided that Mole needs a home.  We bought it a domain name, so that from now on whenever you need to find your latest Mole fix, just go here:

Right now that URL just gets forwarded over to the main Mole page on my blog.  Over time we hope to build a little Web site for Mole, and will eventually have the URL point there instead.

For some reason, Mole seems to be a “legitimate” project now that it has its very own URL.  Kind of silly… 

If you want to contact Team Mole with any questions/problems/suggestions about Mole, please send them to

Have a great holiday!