Two Model-View-ViewModel Screencasts

February 25, 2009

I have great news for anyone who is interested in learning how to create MVVM applications, either in WPF or Silverlight!  Craig Shoemaker, host of the Polymorphic Podcast and Pixel8 podcast, recently published two screencasts that show how to build MVVM applications from the ground up.  I am the guest on the WPF screencast, and Tim Heuer leads the way in the Silverlight version.  I think that the WPF screencast is a great complement to my ‘WPF Apps With The Model-View-ViewModel Design Pattern’ article.

Also, if you are interested in User Experience Design Patterns (which you should be if you are a professional front-end developer!), be sure to check out Craig’s podcast about Quince, with Ambrose Little.

Here are the links:

Implementing Model-View-ViewModel in WPF

Implementing Model-View-ViewModel in Silverlight

Implementing MVVM & Exploring UX Design Patterns